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November 03, 2005

Yahoo! and some thanks

The previous post about the demo was kind of a tip off that I now work for Yahoo!

I arrived here through one of the smartest people I know, Andrew Tomkins, who is part of Yahoo Research Labs. I'm surprised everyday at Yahoo by the number of crazy-smart, creative, and helpful people.

The Event Browser seems to be well received and I'm glad it's helping to show off the new Yahoo Maps AJAX API. People have remarked that the design of the demo is "pretty" and the credit goes to Sam and Karon. If you are impressed by the freakin' sweet markup and css, all credit goes to Nate who helped us out in his free time just "because it's cool". By help out, I actually mean that he wrote all of the markup and stylesheets. These people all put in a tremendous amount of work on nights and weekends to get this demo together and I wanted to thank them.

Then there's all that AJAX code which was written by Jonathan and I. We had a blast writing it and hope you it gives you ideas of what you can do with Yahoo APIs.

Posted by edward at November 3, 2005 09:15 PM